Friday, June 29, 2012

Chapter 6 – The Launch

The night passes uneventfully. Many of you find it difficult to sleep. Anticipation of the flight and rescue has your minds racing. On top of that, the manor is old and full of strange noises.
Morning and the promised breakfast come sooner than you realize. Once you have dressed and eaten you are escorted onto the grounds where the Daedalus is hovering. The ramp is extended revealing red interior illumination. The exterior of the ship seems to glow with a eerie green light without any obvious source.
Mr. Dirks walks around the craft and addresses Bear, “She is all packed and prepared for launch Mr. Grissom. Once you are at the controls, I will remove the mooring lines. The course has been plotted in the onboard navigation. After that, the rest is up to you. Good luck to you all!”
Vance Mercury continues, “Well said. I expect that you will do your best to return my uncle and his crew to us safely. They are your first priority. If you can salvage any of the Icarus, please do. Trust the people from Project Legacy. They are the closest we have to experts about this mysterious and dangerous island.”
Once everyone is aboard, Mr. Grissom closes the ramp and heads to the cockpit and starts the launch checklist. The craft bobs slightly as the mooring lines are removed. Dirks moves to where he can be seen from the cockpit and waves. Once Grissom acknowledges him, he gives the thumbs up sign.
After completing the checklist, Grissom lets out his breath and opens the throttle and pulls back the yolk. The Daedalus takes to the sky in a fluid leap. The passengers can feel the acceleration as it presses them back into their seats. It is strong but not as jarring as anticipated.
The expedition is underway.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chapter 5 - The Evening

After receiving instruction on the Daedalus and examining and packing the gear in its hold, the party is escorted back inside the manor once more by Vance Mercury. He announces, “We will be serving dinner in the dining room shortly. Those who are inclined may spend the night here at the manor. Accommodations have been made for you. The Daedalus will be moved to the launch pad and you will embark in the morning at first light.”

What follows is a pleasant dinner prepared by the middle-aged cook, Alice. The fare is simple but very tasty and filling. It consists of a garden salad, freshly baked bread, a beef stew, roasted lamb with potatoes, carrots and onions. Coffee is severed with desert, individual apple torts, and later drinks are offered again in the sitting room. The staff is very busy throughout the process of feeding the party. It appears that there are only the four staff members; Jefferies, the butler, Ms. Adele Westcott, the maid, Dirks, the grounds man, and Alice the cook. That seems to be too few for a property as large as the Mercury estate.