Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chapter 7 - The Flight

The trip continues smoothly for over 12 hours. The Daedalus has passed over the Mediterranean and the Middle East and is currently passing above the Arabian Sea in route to the Indian Ocean. Bear has learned to love the luxury of the autopilot and all have managed to relax and some sleep.
The first signs of possible trouble appear when a German zeppelin is spotted in the darkness off the port side. It is some distance away and several hundred feet below the Daedalus. That the craft is large, armored and armed is easy to see as the exterior is illuminated. A squadron of four Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighters appears to be flying escort. The zeppelin shows no immediate signs of hostility but seems to be following a similar flight path. Bear is certain that the Daedalus can out distance and out maneuver the craft if necessary.
Ahead the night skies look ominous. A large electrical storm looms on the horizon. It is still a few hours before dawn.