Monday, August 13, 2012

Apology to my players

I wanted to take a minute to apologize to my players. Things have been busy for me the last several weeks. Part summer craziness, part family obligations, part work deadlines and part preparing my 4 HEX scenarios for running at Gen Con has eatten up my time.

As a first-time convention GM I have been very concerned about getting it right so that everyone has fun. The story I wanted to tell was ambitious. It required the creation of 24 pregen Player Characters, 28 NPC/creatures, 12 new rituals (including a new tradition), 14 new artifacts and 4 semi-connected stories spanning 4 different settings. I have been able to get everything done but just in time. Playtesting turned out to be a good idea as some mistakes and oversights we found and corrected. Wish me luck.

This online game has some ties into the Eye of the Gods scenarios that I am running at Gen Con. I hope that they will turn out to be positive experiences for all parties involved. I expect to be recharged and ready to play after the convention.  I hope that everyone is still interested in playing this game. I will do my best to pick things back up and proceed with the story after I return from Gen Con next week. I have some plans for this game. I really like the characters. I want it to be fun and to thrive.

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