Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chapter 7A – The Broadcast

Bear and Dr. Lambshead strain to hear the German voice broadcasting over the radio. The transmission is filled with static and strange noises garble the message. Suddenly, the message becomes clear and is easily understood.
“This is Expedition 12. We have achieved success. The door on Skull Island proved viable. Proceed to rendezvous with rear guard and establish supply depot. Forward camp and perimeter have been established. Glory to the Fatherland!”
The message seems to repeat before the voice is lost again in the static.
While listening to the broadcast, Bear continues to climb the Daedalus above the approaching storm. The craft responds smoothly and seemingly without effort. The German zeppelin is obscured from sight and the view below is replaced by dark clouds and lightning. Above the stars of the night sky are visible.


  1. Oh boy.

    how many people can one of those things carry?

    1. "More than a bucketful I reckon. If we're lucky we wont see any of them while we do our rescue mission."
      He looks to the left and right. "Anybody feelin' lucky?"

  2. Bear grimaces and mutters, "what a revoltin' development," as he wrestles the craft's controls to keep it steady against the buffeting wind.

    Once he's reached an acceptable state of flight, he turns his head to report to the rest of the group.

    "Sounds like the Nazis have a base of operations on Skull Island and are most likely up to no good. I don't think they'll be happy to help us out with our search and might even object to our nosing around.

    "And by 'object', I mean try to fill us with lead. This little trip just got even more interestin', folks."

  3. Bear raises an eyebrow.

    "You mean the zeppelin? Depends on how much cargo they're bringing with them. It's a sure bet it's more than we have here.

    "Besides, it's not the zeppelin I'm worried about so much as how many are already at their base. It sounded like they've been there a while already."

  4. As the doctor hears the broadcast he copies it down verbatim in his notebook, and shares it with the others...

  5. Jock comments "Hmmm...while ah hope thet those germans aren't on the side of the island wez going ta, best fer us ta be prepared with guns an whatnot just in case."