Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If we are ready to proceed ...

Sorry guys. Things have been a bit busy with real life post Gen Con.

Assuming that everyone is still on board and you are all ready to proceed, I will show you the way.

What I need before I will post the next chapter is a course of action. That may be something as simple as "we fly above the storm until it clears and make our toward Skull Island at best speed". If you have anything else in mind, I need to know.


  1. If I recall correctly, the original plan was to rendezvous with the research ship and travel with them to the island.

    Bear would suggest continuing with that plan as the team still needs the help and supplies the ship contains, and additionally they need toe warned about the Nazi presence in the island.

  2. Jock suggests "Lets hope that they didn't see us, keep our distance, mebbe keepin the clouds twixt them an us, and hope we kin complete our business at Skull Island an leave afore them nazis git there. Thet big ole balloon doesn't look as fast as this here flyin wagon."

  3. "Well, let's get going" Dr Lambshead pops a bourbon pill.

  4. Justin nods at Jock. "Let's hope they didn't see us, and hope we don't meet any on the ground."

  5. Seeing that there wasn't anything he could do till they got to Skull Island Jock gets back in his seat, straps in and tries to rest.